greedy algorithm

поглощающий алгоритм

English-Russian dictionary of computer science. 2015.

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  • Greedy algorithm — A greedy algorithm is any algorithm that follows the problem solving metaheuristic of making the locally optimum choice at each stage Paul E. Black, greedy algorithm in Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures [online] , U.S. National… …   Wikipedia

  • Greedy algorithm for Egyptian fractions — In mathematics, an Egyptian fraction is a representation of an irreducible fraction as a sum of unit fractions, as e.g. 5/6 = 1/2 + 1/3. As the name indicates, these representations have been used as long ago as ancient Egypt, but the first… …   Wikipedia

  • Algorithm — Flow chart of an algorithm (Euclid s algorithm) for calculating the greatest common divisor (g.c.d.) of two numbers a and b in locations named A and B. The algorithm proceeds by successive subtractions in two loops: IF the test B ≤ A yields yes… …   Wikipedia

  • Greedy source — A greedy source is a traffic generator that generates data at the maximum rate possible and at the earliest opportunity also*Teletraffic engineering *Greedy algorithm External links*… …   Wikipedia

  • Greedy randomized adaptive search procedure — The greedy randomized adaptive search procedure (also known as GRASP) is a metaheuristic algorithm commonly applied to combinatorial optimization problems. GRASP typically consists of iterations made up from successive constructions of a greedy… …   Wikipedia

  • Nearest-neighbor chain algorithm — In the theory of cluster analysis, the nearest neighbor chain algorithm is a method that can be used to perform several types of agglomerative hierarchical clustering, using an amount of memory that is linear in the number of points to be… …   Wikipedia

  • Odd greedy expansion — In number theory, the odd greedy expansion problem concerns a method for forming Egyptian fractions in which all denominators are odd. If a rational number x/y is a sum of odd unit fractions, then y must be odd. Conversely, it is known that… …   Wikipedia

  • Min-conflicts algorithm — The min conflicts algorithm is a search algorithm to solve constraint satisfaction problems (CSP problems). It assigns random values to all the variables of a CSP. Then it selects randomly a variable, whose value conflicts with any constraint of… …   Wikipedia

  • Nearest neighbour algorithm — This article is about an approximation algorithm to solve the travelling salesman problem. For other uses, see Nearest neighbor. The nearest neighbour algorithm was one of the first algorithms used to determine a solution to the travelling… …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse-delete algorithm — The reverse delete algorithm is an algorithm in graph theory used to obtain a minimum spanning tree from a given connected, edge weighed graph. If the graph is disconnected, this algorithm will find a minimum spanning tree for each disconnected… …   Wikipedia

  • Package-merge algorithm — The Package Merge Algorithm is an O(nL) time algorithm for finding anoptimal length limited Huffman code for a given distribution on a given alphabet of size n , where no code word is longer than L . It is a greedy algorithm, and a generalization …   Wikipedia


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